How did a local realtor, farmer and town judge team up with his youngest daughter, a CIA-trained pastry chef to develop and open a farm-themed destination store that features in-house homemade ice cream made with local Hudson Valley Fresh?

It does not get any fresher than from cow to cone in just 3 days.

Bob Ferris is a fourth-generation farmer. His heirs have been dairy farmers in Dutchess County since the 1800s. Bob went from the dairy farm to selling farms and land for over 50 years with his Countryman’s Broker real estate office. Pam and Bob Ferris have 5 kids and many grandchildren. Bob still grows crops on Cooper Lane farm in Beekman, hay for local horse farms and the best tasting corn in Dutchess County.


Long before Katie attended the Culinary Institute of America, long before she was a member of 4-H, long before she helped pick sweet corn in the summer Bob has called her Zoe. We don’t know why but it has stuck. If you know Bob you may have an inkling.

Katie’s desire to support local farms comes from growing up on her own family farm and over 15 years of raising lambs as an active 4-H member in Dutchess County. Katie has continued to stay involved in Dutchess County Agriculture as a volunteer leader for the Golden Fleece 4-H club as well as raising beef cattle for her family’s freezer.

You may have seen Katie selling corn at the current site of Zoe’s, a farm stand Bob started in 1986 for Katie’s older sister and has been run successfully every summer since.

This father and daughter team is excited to showcase exceptional local dairy farmers, to educate the public about agriculture and to highlight local, fresh ingredient in a welcoming, honest to goodness down home country setting.

So please stop by, say hi, learn a little about Dutchess County Agriculture and sit for a spell while you enjoy a tasty treat!
Photo: Zoe Ferris and Bob Ferris